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ULOHC has opportunities in the following divisions:

  • Education and Youth DevelopmentThe Education and Youth Development Department is concerned with conducting effective youth development and juvenile justice programs and advocating for programs/strategies that prevent youth from violence and gang involvement. The department also seeks to increase community access to community and four year colleges. Interns will assist senior staff with further developing and expanding its current service offerings.Intern assignments will include collecting and analyzing program data and maintaining information files. Interns will also assist with life skills classes, youth workshops, field trips and office routines such as handling written and telephone inquiries, faxing, data entry, photocopying, and organizing mass mailings. This internship is ideal for undergraduate students and recent graduates seeking a general understanding of the youth development field, along with specific knowledge of the strategies and tools used by advocates, program staff, and educators to address the needs of at-risk and court involved youth in the community.
  • Child Care Services This division administrates the childcare resource and referral system (provision of child care subsidy vouchers for eligible parents and child care resource and referral information for businesses and parents) for Hudson County. The Children’s Division also provides a variety of professional development workshops for child care providers including the CDA credential, health and safety seminars and registered day care provider training.Interns will have opportunities to attend early childhood education advocacy meetings and assist with the development of policy initiatives.Interns will provide administrative and program support to early childhood training and resource and referral professionals. Assignments will include: preparing written materials to be used in providing information services related to all of the above topics, compiling and analyzing data/information; drafting, proofreading, and editing background papers; coordinating meetings; data entry and mailing list management; and providing child resource and referral information services to the public and child advocates.This internship is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students interested in education, public administration, child and family studies, social work, or other human services.
  • Senior and Human Services DepartmentThe Senior Services Department provides an array of services to adolescents and the frail elderly.Intern assignments will include collecting and analyzing program data and maintaining information files. Interns will also assist with program development, health fairs, field trips and office routines such as handling written and telephone inquiries, faxing, data entry, photocopying, and organizing mass mailings.
  • Employment and Training Department
    This department operates an Employment Center and a variety of training programs that enable participants to move into the workforce. The programs are designed to assist participants in gaining basic workforce literacy skills.Interns will support the department with the provision of training services, collecting data and information, and compiling background reports on welfare-to-work issues at the state, and community levels.
  • Information Technologies Department
    The IT Department oversees day-to-day operations of ULOHC ‘s computer systems and develops and implements cost-effective technology strategies to support the attainment of ULOHC ‘s goals. Current priorities include the development and implementation of a centralized client database system. Interns will assist in further developing ULOHC ‘s Intranet system, “help desk” and system administration functions.A working knowledge of computer systems and a strong interest in computer technology from an organizational perspective are essential to this internship.

Buy Valium Amazon

  • Academic Year Internships
    Fall (September- December) and Spring (January- May) internships require a commitment of at least ten work hours per week. During the Fall and Spring the ULHOC will accept several interns.
  • Summer Internships
    Summer (June- August) internships are full time (28 – 35 hours per week). The Urban League accepts several interns during the summer. Since this is the most competitive time of year to obtain an internship please contact us and indicate your interest as soon as possible.
  • Externships
    Externships and projects fulfilling academic field experience requirements are also available for those students able only to make short-term commitments.

Financial Support Information:

All of the Urban League of Hudson County’s internships are unpaid. Applicants in need of financial aid to support their internship are encouraged to explore potential funding sources through the career services or alumni offices on their campus. Please consult your school’s academic departments to determine the policies and procedures for acquiring academic credit.

The ULOHC will help facilitate appropriate placement for such academic internships and assist interns with tapping into information resources for completing their research projects, supplementing their course work, and documenting and evaluating their internship experience.

Internship Requirements:

Program Requirements – You must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a 4 year degree program or a recent graduate of an accredited college or university. In most cases, you must have completed at least the freshman year. We also ask that you present evidence of satisfactory academic progress and leadership potential. Recent college graduates and masters-level students are encouraged to apply.


If you are interested in an internship or require additional information, please contact: Patricia Robinson at (201) 451 8888 x209 or Buy Diazepam In Uk Next Day Delivery