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Order Xanax Online Uk

Can Buy Adipex Gnc

The Urban League Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation (ULAHCDC) has operated as an affiliate of the Urban League of Hudson County since 1993.  It is a 501c3 corporation whose mission is to improve the living standard of Hudson County residents by reversing the cycle of decay in areas that suffer from divestment.


The ULAHCDC has adopted a holistic approach to community development by implementing comprehensive housing, community, and economic development initiatives. We have redeveloped various properties in our efforts to revitalize whole communities and have provided housing counseling and financial literacy to empower residents.


Urban League staff members received training through Neighborworks America, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac to provide housing counseling and financial literacy education. These services are provided through our Restore our Homes Initiative.   


The Urban League Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation Restore our Homes Initiative has two main objectives:


  1. Provide comprehensive housing counseling and foreclosure mitigation education to low and moderate income homeowners. Assist low and moderate income individuals and families in securing and maintain safe, decent and affordable housing.
  2. Provide financial literacy workshops and assistance to low and moderate income homeowners/purchasers. Provide workshops and assistance to low and moderate individuals and families to develop basic financial literacy skills necessary to overcome indebtedness.


The Urban League Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation serves as a management company for local housing developers in the Bergen-Greenville neighborhoods of Jersey City. Assuming this management function ensures that newly renovated buildings are properly maintained, housing tenants committed to neighborhood revitalization.