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Senior Supportive Services Program/National Family Caregivers Services [SSS/NFCG] provides case management services to seniors 60 years and older who face health and/or economic tribulations. We provide assistance and advocacy, extended assessments, benefits screenings, and information and assistance so that seniors receive services. The services the participants and their relatives/caregivers need are in the area of advocacy and referrals to Healthcare, Home Based Supportive Care, Housing, JACC, Dental, Optical, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged & Disabled (PAAD), Senior Gold, Companionship and Emergency Services as needed. In addition, referrals are made for seniors to collaborating agencies that provide energy assistance and home repairs.

Prospective participants must provide proof of address, age, income, last year’s income tax (if applicable), power of attorney (if applicable), proof of citizenship, financial resources, health coverage(s), life insurance, home ownership (if applicable).  The ULOHC Case Manager will prepare a plan of care to assist the participant in meeting their goals for a quality life as they advance in age.

Jersey Assistance Care Giving Community (JACC)

JACC is a State funded program that provides a broad array of in-home services to enable an individual, at risk of placement in a nursing facility and who meets income and resource criteria to remain in his/her community home.  By providing a uniquely designed package of supportive services for the individual, JACC may delay or prevent placement in a nursing home.  Services include Respite Care; homemaker services ; environmental accessibility adaptations; personal emergency response systems (PERS); home-delivered meal service; caregiver/recipients training; social/adult day health services; special medical equipment and supplies; transportation; chore services; attendant care and home-based supportive care.

General Social Services

General Social Services offer critical and emergency assistance to Jersey City residents. Referrals, advocacy and follow-ups are our primary focus. Referrals are made to: Food Pantries, Furniture Replace Services, WIC, Welfare/TANF/GA, local health institutions and shelters. In addition we assist clients with their with application process for other services.

Potential participants must present proof of residency, photo identification, proof of income and family size.


For more information, and/or for any of these services please call:
Nydia Ortiz at (201) 451-8888 x248 or Cheap Xanax From Mexico