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Buy Lorazepam 2.5Mg

Buy Phentermine In Canada Online

What is HCCYC — Hudson County Council for Young Children

The HCCYC Will build strong partnerships with — parents/families, providers and other community stakeholders — to improve the health, education, safety and well-being of children, families, and communities
The HCCYC will work together to develop mutually-established goals, and help to implement strategies, programs, and, activities that reflect the priorities of families and community stakeholders.

HCCYC’s Purpose
To build strong and successful communities actively involving parents and community members.
Help community partners to identify issues and concerns that affect infants, young children and families.
Learn about and provide input in the development of community services
Ensure that state and local policies and practices recognize the strengths as well as meet the needs of families in Hudson County.
Ensure that the children of Hudson County are prepared to enter school, and be successful learners throughout their lives.

Goals of the HCCYC
The goal of the HCCYC is for Hudson County to become a strong and successful community with active input from parents & other interested community members guided by professionals.

Who can be involved?
WHO? Community members—mothers, fathers, grandparents, families, local leaders, health providers, childcare and Head Start workers, school staff, and other stakeholders—who live, work, and care about the children of Hudson County. Local residents will be the co-leaders of the Council with support from the New Jersey Council for Young Children.
WHEN? Monthly meetings through the year.
WHERE? Meetings will be held at rotating, convenient Hudson County locations, as determined by the Council members.

Contact information

Join the Hudson County Council for Young Children

At the Urban League of Hudson County (ULOHC):
253 Martin Luther King Drive
(corner of Wilkinson Avenue)
Jersey City, NJ 07305

For more information contact:
HCCYC Coordinator, Metrice Johnson
(201) 451-8888 Ext 170

Visit Us
By Public Transportation
From Penn Station Newark access the PATH train to Journal Square. From Journal Square in Jersey City take the NJ Transit #87 bus, which stops directly in front of the building.

By Automobile
From the North or South, take the NJ Turnpike to exit 14B. Coming off the exit bear right and at the light turn left onto Garfield Avenue then take the next right turn (Bidwell Avenue). Continue one block across Ocean Avenue then continue one more block and then make a right turn onto Martin Luther King Drive. The building will be to your left after about 2 blocks.

From the west you can take Route 280 to the Turnpike South to exit 14B and follow above directions.