Policy Updates

Policy Updates

The following are important updates that may affect you and the families you serve. New Notices regarding Provider Health and Safety Training...


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Consumer Education

   Choosing Child Care? It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Our experienced staff is here to help. The...

Grow NJ Kids

Enrolling in Grow NJ Kids To enroll in Grow NJ Kids you must first join the NJ Registry NJCCIS Registry Thriving by...

Child Care Resources & Referrals

Choosing Quality Care: What You Need To Know Before You Choose A Provider Start Early: Start looking as far in advance as...

Work First New Jersey

Arranges child care and provides counseling to participants.

Professional Development

Trainings and Workshops are offered to all who play a part in the educational growth and development of children. All workshops are...

NJ Cares for Kids/Get Child Care

Provides subsidized childcare voucher payments for working families & full time students.

Electronic Child Care

A new automated child care tracking and attendance system.